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Jougies Officiate Services

Having the right wedding officiant to be part of your special day will be one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make as you are going through the wedding planning process. You want your wedding ceremony to be memorable. Jougies can help you plan a wedding ceremony that will make you feel that the ceremony is all you, as well as something that you and your loved ones will remember forever. Trust me! I know! In 2019, I planned my entire wedding, down right to the wedding ceremony! My wedding ceremony was the most unique anyone had ever experienced! To give you a hint. I walked into the church singing down the aisle! My name is Reverend Myriam Sollberger. I am the owner of Jougies and an ordained minister. At Jougies, we will work closely with you to create a customized ceremony that will not only celebrate the uniqueness of your sacred relationship but will represent the rest of your lives. Our belief, marriage is your sacrament, the ceremony should represent you both and  your love for each other.

Jougies team is caring and professional. I am a non-denominational minister ordained in 48 states. Not only does Jougies perform religious and secular wedding ceremonies, we can perform whatever type of ceremony you would like to have and wherever you would like to have it! We are flexible! 

Jougies offer services for traditional settings, virtual, and destination ceremonies!  All types of ceremonies are welcomed at Jougies! We can provide you with the intimate short ceremony; ceremonial traditional interfaith; or multicultural wedding ceremony. Not only are we happy to collaborate with you to create your wedding day ceremony the way you would want, we can also assist you with planning your special day from the time you get engaged to the big day. We offer a convenient booking process. Our rates are very reasonable and accommodating to every budget. As your wedding officiant, I promise to make your wedding ceremony planning stress free and fun!

Standard Wedding Ceremony Package & Process

Initial Consultation

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation with me as your potential officiant before you sign our contract. We conduct the initial consultation via telephone, Zoom or Google Meets virtual conferencing. If you would rather meet me in person, we are happy to accommodate. If you feel that our officiate services are a great match! And you would like to move forward, you will simply contact us, and we will move forward to booking your date and sign the contract. We will reserve your wedding date after our initial meeting. A booking fee to hold the date must be paid in advance and paid upon signing of contract.  The booking fee is $75.00. This fee will be applied towards the cost of the Officiant & Ceremony services. All fees must be paid three days prior to the ceremony date. 

Pre-Marital Services

Jougies provides Premarital Preparation services. This service includes discussing important aspects of a marriage your roles in the marriage, decision-making, family relationships, and maintenance after the wedding day is over and your new life begins. We will provide you with the tools to succeed! 

Planning Meeting: 

Once you’ve signed our contract, Jougies will schedule you for a ceremony planning meeting. This meeting normally happens in person, but due to Covid-19, it can also be done via video call. During the meeting, we will discuss what you feel is important to you for your ceremony. We will will get to know you . The information obtained will help me as your Officiant,  to create your customized ceremony and ensure that your entire experience is reflective of your beliefs and both of your personalities.

Fine Tuning 

After our planning meeting, Jougies will create a full draft of your ceremony. The draft will be provided to you for review. Feel free to edit your wedding ceremony draft, add music, whatever you want! We can make as many changes as you want up until two weeks prior to your wedding ceremony. Once we are all in agreement of your final ceremony revision, we will finalize the ceremony for the big day! Any additional suggestions or guidance you would like for Jougies to provide you; we will be more than happy to assist you at no charge. We will also offer you a wedding rehearsal. Rehearsals are optional.

The Big Day

I will arrive at your ceremony wedding venue prior to the ceremony scheduled time, assist your attendants, vendors, and prepare for the processional. Jougies will be happy to work with your other wedding professionals

.The Marriage License

Jougies will assist you with this process. You must obtain the marriage license prior to the wedding day. We recommend submitting an application at least 5 weeks prior to the actual date. This is especially important for New Jersey residents. As your officiant, Jougies will take care of signing it after the ceremony and file it with the local municipality Clerk Office. You will also receive an official copy of the marriage license from the Clerk of the Court and a marriage certificate from Jougies.

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